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Bull Work Bench
is manufactured by Colin Guest & Co Pty Ltd in Seaford Australia. Established in 1968, we specialize in manufacturing metal stamped and rubber moulded products for the Automotive and Industrial markets. We are family owned business which is run by the second generation of the Guest family.

It is our goal to make the Bull Work Bench the best work bench in the world. Designed and manufactured with the needs of our customers firmly in mind we aim to provide a superior product that meet or exceed the expectation of our customers.

Strength, reliability and durability are key features of all the Bull Work Bench range. The materials used in our products are of very high quality so as to provide many years or reliable service.

We are confident that your purchase of a Bull Work Bench will give you many years of reliable and enjoyable service.

What will you build with your Bull Work Bench?


Bull Work Bench Working at the Affordable Bull Work Bench Sitting down at the Bull Work Bench