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Australian Hardwood Bench Top.

All Australian Hardwood bench tops are used to provide a strong and durable surface to complete your projects.


Floor attachment feet.

The Bull Work Bench can be bolted to the floor of your workshop to create a rigid surface for sawing, drilling, or filing.

blue bench foot plate


Bull Work Benches can be supplied fitted with quality engineers vices.

Vice fitted to work bench

Power boards.

All benches can be supplied with power boards attached.

Bench fitted power board

Galvanized Frame.

The 40mm square section tubing has been galvanized to provide excellent resistance to corrosion.

Galvanized steel tube

Support Dowels.

The Bull Work Bench can be fitted with support dowels which allow large panels such as doors or bench tops to be mounted to the front face of the bench for planing or filing.


Support dowels

Choice of colours.

The Bull Work Bench can be supplied in many colours. Choose the colour that best suits your workshop.

coloured benches